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Community Events

Fancy Hat Tea Party

Local Fun for Younger Adults

Come join us for a Fancy Hat Tea Party! This event is for both Men and Women. So come join us for a spot of tea in the afternoon and wear your most fun fedora or floopy hat. *Note: Hats are required, no party poopers :p See you there! Also Spaces...

Regular Rehearsal

Shenandoah Valley Chorus

Prospective Members: · Prospective members are welcome to stop by any regular rehearsal to meet current members of the chorus and listen to some of our songs. · Sheet music will be provided - you may choose to either listen and observe, or sing...

Prophetic Mysticism - Blessing, Healing, Prophecy, Spiritual Cleansing, Dreams

Experiencing Prophetic Mysticism

• What we'll doProphetic Mysticism - Blessing, Healing, Prophecy, Spiritual Cleansing, Dreams Meetup - Here is the report from our last meeting: Prophetic Mysticism Demonstration - Many Instantly Healed! Our first Meetup was a big success!...

What IS Lyme, and How do I Avoid Getting It??

Holistic Health Group

We will be discussing what chronic lyme disease actually is, and talking about how lyme and other tick-borne illnesses effect the body. While specific treatments for lyme will NOT be discussed, getting the body ready for treatment will be. We...